5Ways to Empower Disabled Children. A course for parents and carers of Disabled Children

5ways to empower disabled children


To offer five key strategies to enable parents and carers to empower their Disabled Children to achieve their human rights and be fully included in the life of their communities.


By the end of the session, participants will have:

  • An understanding of the social and medical models of disability
  • Reflected on the meaning and experience of inclusion
  • Identify the barriers to inclusion and how they can be overcome
  • Developed their use of terminology which will empower their child and themselves
  • An understanding of Children’s Rights and other legislation that supports inclusion


Feedback from parents and careers

“Very useful, I won’t feel inferior to the experts any more, I feel really empowered especially with knowing about legislation.”

“Excellent, imaginative use of games and activities to reinforce learning, inspirational delivery.”

“Good mix of more formal and less formal sessions, learnt to trust you that the games would be OK and fun and not difficult or embarrassing.”

“Thought provoking and useful and practical. Empowering.”


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