Challenging Disablism Training



This course is aimed at organisations wishing to improve their working environment for everybody. The course will challenge disablism head on, and teach everyone how to deal with disablism effectively and efficiently. We will also ensure that all attendees fully understand the Equality Act.


To develop organisation’s understanding of what disablism is and to identify ways of challenging it.


By the end of the session, participants will have:

  • Been introduced to and reflected on the term disablism
  • Developed their confidence to challenge disablism in the workplace.
  • Explored their responsibilities under the Equality Act.
  • Identified ways of implementing their learning into daily work practice


Feedback from parents and careers on the Challenging Disablism training course

“I know how to challenge disablism in the workplace”

“A good fun way to look at a serious subject, thank you”

“I will go back to my job with new ideas and feeling more confident”

“The barriers exercise made me think differently”

“The person touch made it the difference, listening to Ally”

“Best training I have been on! Thank you!”

“Very good mix of group work and interactive exercises”

“Learnt so much, the day was inspiring”

“Having a disabled person teaching us made it real”


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