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Best practice in consultancy and policy development must involve consulting with those who will be affected by any changes in policy, procedure and practice.Everyone has a right to be heard, especially those who are often overlooked and marginalised.

We have experience of consulting with:

  • Young disabled and non-disabled people.
  • Parents and carers of disabled children and young people.
  • Staff and organisations who want to bring about change.

On such issues as SEN-D, access to play provision and play schemes, bullying and building friendship groups in schools. General service provision ie health, social care, youth provision. We have achieved this by running discreet groups, individual interviews, conferences, questionnaires.

We also have experience of writing bespoke policies.

A consultant from AJA could spend a half or full day with you either

  • as individuals
  • as a team
  • or a small mixed group from different organisations

Depending on whether you want a half day or full day, issues we could cover include:

    • The messages you want to give out as a service
    • Reviewing current policies, procedures and practices
    • Update on legislation
    • Consistency of Social Model language used in policies
    • The Policy cycle

We use inclusive methods to make sure everyone can participate and get involved. We collate and disseminate results to provide you with the information you need to move on. All consultation engagements include an end report.

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