Developing Inclusive Play

A Can Do Approach

developing inclusive play



To support learners understanding of how to develop inclusive play opportunities for children and young people with multiple and complex requirements.


By the end of the session, participants will have:

  • Explain the stages of child development and the role of play within this
  • Analyse the impact that play can have on children’s learning and behaviour
  • Discuss how to assess what kind of play is appropriate depending on a child’s age, ability, culture and individual circumstances
  • Identify strategies and practical skills needed to engage children in play, maintain focus and extend play
  • Discuss how to adapt these strategies to encourage children to play in different ways according to their individual differences
  • Plan how to creatively engage children in play when there may be additional barriers & constraints (i.e time, environment etc)


Feedback from participants on the Developing Inclusive play training course

“Really useful and informative and entertaining Friday FUN! Have learnt a lot and enjoyed doing so”

“Fantastic course made us think how we can make a difference”

“Very interesting”

“Fun informative fabulous people”

“Great activities and ways of adapting them”

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