Help! I’m Being Challenged



To provide practitioners with an awareness of personal behaviour, environments and triggers that can affect individual’s behaviour; and provided a skill base that enables the development and implementation of strategies for supporting behaviour that challenges.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Know the ecology of behaviour and the impact that change has on an individual’s behaviour.
  • Be able to identify levels of behaviour and appropriate practitioner responses.
  • To identify essential points for inclusion in an equal opportunities policy.
  • Recognise how their own attitudes and behaviours impact on their practice and inclusion.
  • To develop confidence in managing different behaviour.
  • Begin to develop a strategy around positive behaviour, to use in their workplace.


Feedback from participants

“Found whole day very useful, course was made fun and interesting. Well done for no PowerPoint.”

“Lots of activities practical and useful. Lots of variety. Lots of ideas to take and use with others.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed today’s session. Excellent facilitators and lots of thought provoking discussions.”

“Games were fun – very enjoyable. Learnt lots of valuable information.”

“Very interactive. All activities related to course content and made me think.”

“Went well. Clear information regarding behavioural cycle.”


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Help! I’m Being Challenged Course Leaflet

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