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As part of my campaign for disability awareness I have created this campaign read all about it here and sign up if you agree.

Toilets are not “Disabled!” If anything they may be temporarily impaired in some way, a broken chain, loo set, no mirror, no sanitary protection! I could go on. But the toilet is not discriminated against.

The term Disabled is used to describe an experience that can happen to particular people within our communities.

We accept that some people have significant impairments, and we as a society do discriminate against them and therefore we do Disable People.

This national movement is about changing the language we use to describe people and things. I would suggest that the term “Accessible Toilet” describes more accurately what it is, the term also suggest anyone who requires a little more space could use it.

Challenging Disablism Training is one way of empowering your staff to challenge some of these pre-conceived attitudes, and enable your organisation to provide a service that is open and accessible to all.


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