play2gether inclusive play


To motivate play and early years workers to provide an inclusive, playful environment that helps prepare Disabled and Non-Disabled Children for their shared futures.


The course will enable learners to:

  • Understand the importance of inclusive play
  • Reflect on the difference between disability and impairment
  • To explore the meaning of inclusive play and reflect on the need for all children to have a stimulating and challenging environment where they can play freely
  • To develop an understanding of the play work principles
  • To learn a range of new games and how to make them inclusive
  • To practice creating inclusive activities for a variety of play settings


Feedback from participants

“The course has helped me to put what I have learnt into a plan for parents and staff.”

“I can now ensure staff have good knowledge of playwork theory.”

“I’ve learnt to give children free choice; less intervention!”

“The course has helped my staff to see how barriers can be broken down.”

“I can now put these principles in play so all children can play!”

“It was good to learn how to make sensory toys/things not buy them.”


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pdf17Play2gether Course Leaflet

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