Scrappy Ideas



To enable learners to feel confident and gain competence in using scrap in the creative process. To explore the links between inclusive play and creativity through direct experience.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session, participants will have:

  • To explore the inclusive play possibilities of scrap materials and loose parts
  • To gain confidence and develop practical skills that support the creative process
  • To develop an understanding of how creative play supports development
  • To explore the importance of reflective practice
  • To understand some of the theories that underpin playwork practice
  • To identify how to maintain a safe play environment including risk assessment and legal obligations


Feedback from participants

“Never new you could do so much with scrap.”

“I have more awareness of the importance of risk in play.”

“Big scrap ideas were brilliant.”

“Cheap and effective/creative ideas.”

“I have never done a course where I learnt so much.”

“I have so many new ideas to use and have had so much fun doing the course.”

“The best course I have ever done, more please!”

“Thank you for all the ideas, we have been able to plan our next holiday club, the children will love it!”

“Learning has never been such fun, thank you.”

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pdf17Scrappy Ideas Course Leaflet

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