Since 1999 we have specialised in disability awareness training, and as a result we have become experts in this field. We can also offer bespoke SEND training sessions along side sessions on developing inclusive play. This page will give you a general overview of our training approach but for more information please visit the course specific pages.

What Makes Our Training Sessions Different?

We provide a range of different training sessions and days for all types of people, organisations and services. We will work with you to design and deliver the best learning experience.

We don’t teach, we don’t do right or wrong, we don’t do death by PowerPoint! We create opportunities for people to share, reflect, question, learn and plan for change.

Why? – because we believe that most people want to include disabled people and children into their service but don’t know how.

Why? – because many people don’t have personal experience of being with or working with disabled children and adults.

Why? – for many of us we have grown up separately, we don’t meet socially, we don’t travel to work together. We carry out these daily tasks separately and don’t learn to be comfortable together.

Education = Change

It’s not deliberate, it’s no one’s fault but we have an opportunity to change it! We are now in positions where we can bring about change.

There are other reasons as well!

Current government legislation and polices require that disabled children, young people and adults are included in all aspects of service provision. Whether you are a Dentist, School, Transport provider, Church, local shop, play group or other socialising activities. All of you have a responsibility to welcome disabled people and their families in to you service.

The benefits are huge!

Breaking down of negative attitudes and stereotypes.

Inclusion of disabled children and adults will ensure inclusion for all.

Disabled adults and their families have money too.


Alison John & Associates offers a number of courses, to enable Service providers, Educators and Care establishments to achieve successful outcomes for Disabled Children and Adults. Each course has it’s own page which will tell you the specific aims and benefits of each course. Please also feel free to download our 2015 brochure to find out what we can offer you.

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